August 10, 2006

Original and rad! Jeff Chasse has arrived to play four live tracks and give us the low down on what it is like to be a true genius. Listen now...
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Played on the Show

  1. Jeff Chasse (LIVE) - Pitcher
  2. Jeff Chasse (LIVE) - Girl from Pangea
  3. Jeff Chasse (LIVE) - Topical Oil Prices Song
  4. Jeff Chasse (LIVE) - Tetris Song

Mentioned In the Cast

  1. Vocal Influence
  2. Wesley Willis
  3. Bigger in Philly than in Boston
  4. Self Taught Guitar Player Left Handed
  5. Touring and Stuff

    running time: 28:16 : : file size: 32.4 MB
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    Jeff Chasse

Posted by Seth at 10:46 PM

Love the Tetris metaphor. You should establish a rule that every artist has to sing a song about Nintendo. Just consider all the words you can rhyme with Wii. Thanks for the show!

Posted by: Dave at August 12, 2006 10:37 AM

Even though this is the first episode I've heard, it is one of my favorites.
I am going to find Mr. Chasse on myspace right away.

Posted by: cj at August 21, 2006 05:47 PM
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