WHYME Podcast:
About Seth and Jessica

Seth has always been a gregarious independent. He has an instinct for finding fascinating people with the kinds of personalities he enjoys. His friends strike him as challenging, odd, beautiful, hilarious, singular. He can sing about anything for hours if you let him.

Jessica has always been an introspective flaneur. Fascinated, but often unable to make connections with people, even as she seeks them out. Always making the comparison of “you” to “me”, and using the results to define the world in which she lives. Her friends are assuring in their openness, warmth, candor, and honesty. She can sit for hours– silent and unmoving– thinking, if you let her.

In high school they met and shared a tempestuous friendship. In college, they found a connection over long weekends and expensive telephone bills. They liked learning, finding, and sharing stories.

These two lives have converged, growing together in the City of Brotherly Love. Like humans do, Seth and Jessica have started a few stories of their own. Among them: a little girl, a baby boy, and the Worst Music You’ve Ever Heard.

Seth is the creative director, music aficionado, and man of action behind the WHYME podcast. Seth goes out, hears your stuff, shakes your hand and invites you over. Jessica meets you at the door and apologizes for the mess. Come on back to our creaking storage-room-turned-studio, and we’ll invite you to partake of the old couch and a shared microphone. Margaret’s upstairs sleeping, and baby Mitch is pleased to bounce and smile while we talk about the band and spin a few tunes from your EP.

Forgive us for saying so, but the magic’s in the music, and the music’s on WHYME, the Worst Music You’ve Ever Heard.